Chinese 7x50 military binoculars with reticle

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Chinese 7x50 military binoculars with reticle
China 7x50 military binoculars with reticle
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Art No. : MBHA0750R
7x50 military binoculars with reticle
Specification : 7x50 military binoculars with reticle

Magnification(Power) : 7x

Field of View(f@50m) : 8

Diameter of exit pupil : 5.8mm
Distance of exit pupil : 20mm

Resolution : 7

Light transmission : left74%, right68%

Adjustment of eye diopter : 5D(diopter)

Adjustment of eye distance : 56-72mm

Azimuth graduation of reticle : 0-50 each on the left & right side, interval 0-05

elevation graduation of reticle : 0-50, interval 0-05

range of eye distance graduation :400-2000m

Dimensions (eye distance 64,diopter 0) : 18969140(mm)

Net weight : 1.5kg

Total weight(including a case) : 2.1kg
Environmental adaptability & parameters (Testing)
Working temperature -43 --- +55 prevent frostbite
Impact 20 g fogproof/anti-fog
Waterproof 1.5m,1h, waterproof
Shock resistanice 5-55-5Hz
prevent shock
Industrial Standard Enterprise Standard : Q/YXG0016-98
Packing list/Set
7x50 binoculars with reticle  1pc
brush  1pc
clean-cloth  1pc
ocular cover with necktie  1pc
filter with frame  2pc
use & maintenance manual  1pc
case  1pc
***  The binoculars could be used in many kinds of execrable environment. Accordingly, they are applied military, police, recon, forestry, marine, aviation, etc.
*** To consult many military binoculars in advanced country, according to demand of all-weather, we successfully develop high airproof, high capability binoculars. Their main technical parameters have reached or excessed level of abroad military binoculars, and could be used in many kinds of execrable environment.
*** The whole body are made of aluminum : firm, light and portable.
*** To adopt the best design of imaging quality and technics of broad-band-pass-coating, our military binoculars obviously excelled congeneric binoculars at home and abroad, at the side of observing brightness, quality of image and color facticity of object image.
*** Because of wide field of view, great diameter of exit pupil, long distance of exit pupil, you could clearly observe target at the twilight of dusk and dawn, and wearing gas mask or spectacles.
*** High airproof, support pressure of 35Kpa inside binoculars, also inundate 1.5m deep in the water.
*** To stand jounce and shock, it could endure impact of 20g and more acceleration of gravity.
*** With reticle in the lenses, you could roughly measure distance and azimuth of target.
*** Ocular with additional light filter, prevent strong light, protect your eyes.
*** To adopt modular design, greatly easy to maintain.
Compare to the same & similar productsin advanced country
Country China USA UK German
Specification 750  750 742 750
magnification 7  7 7 7
field of view 8 7.3 7 6.75
FOV@1000m 140m 128m 122m 118m
objective lens caliber 50 50 42 60
diameter of exit pupil 5.8 7.1 6 7.1
distance of exit pupil 20 22 23 21.6
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