Chinese army binoculars with reticle

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Chinese 7x40 army binoculars with reticle
China 7x40 army binoculars with reticle
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Art No. : MBHB0740
7x40 army binoculars with reticle
Specification : 7x40 army binoculars with reticle or without reticle

Magnification(Power) : 7x

Field of View(f@50m) : 8

Diameter of exit pupil : 5.7mm
Distance of exit pupil : 22.2mm

Resolution : 7

Light transmission : left74%, right68%

Adjustment of eye diopter : 5D(diopter)

Adjustment of eye distance : 56-72mm

Dimensions (eye distance 64,diopter 0) : 14118673 mm

Net weight : 1kg

Total weight(including a case) : 1.8kg
Environmental adaptability & parameters (Testing)
Working temperature -43 --- +55
Storage temperature -55 --- +70
Relative humidity 95%
Hermetization 35kpa
Waterproof 1 hour below water 1.5m
Shock resistanice 30g
Industrial Standard army Enterprise Standard : MIL-STD-810C
Packing list/Set
7x40 army binoculars with reticle or without reticle (two kinds for your choice)  1pc
brush  1pc
clean-cloth  1pc
ocular cover with necktie  1pc
use & maintenance manual  1pc
case  1pc
*** Observing topography, detecting various targets, and commanding troops to fight.
*** Measuring view range in horizontal and vertical direction, and checking the shooting error.
*** When the height or the width of a target is known, measure the approximate distance between the target and observer by Mil formula or the ranging reticle in the eyepiece.
*** Command shooting.
*** hunting for hunters.
*** Wide environmental adaptability, meeting standard of MIL-STD-810C in all.
*** Light - weight and portable.
*** Sharp image, high resolution.
*** Distance can be estimated by reticle using Mil formula, or directly measured by stadia-line reticle.
*** The modular designed, easy to service and maintenance.
*** Highly hermetically seal and shock resistance.
Compare to the same & similar productsin advanced country
Country China USA UK German
Specification 750  750 742 750
magnification 7  7 7 7
field of view 8 7.3 7 6.75
FOV@1000m 140m 128m 122m 118m
objective lens caliber 50 50 42 60
diameter of exit pupil 5.8 7.1 6 7.1
distance of exit pupil 20 22 23 21.6
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