Chinese 20x33 compact spotting scope

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Chinese 20x33 compact spotting scope
China 20x33 compact spotting scope
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Art No. : SSHA2033
20x33 compact spotting scope
Specification : 20x33 compact spotting scope

Magnification(Power) : 20x

Aperture(Diameter of objective lens) : 33mm

Diameter of Exit Pupil : 1.64mm

Field of View(f@50m) : 1.75m

Distance of View : 6 - 200m

Weight(scope+tripod) : 390g + 210g
Weight (including a bag) : 600g + 300g

Length of scope body : 185mm/7"

Dimensions in Bag : 260x170x60mm
Packing list/Set
20x33 compact spotting scope  1pc
adjustable metal tripod  1pc
clean-cloth  1pc
cover of eyepiece and objective lens  each of 1pc
use & maintenance manual  1pc
portable case  1pc
***  The spotting scopes could be used in many kinds of outdoor activities, such as shooting, birding, hunting, etc.
*** The tube is made of Aluminum, firm and light.
*** The surface of scope body is lacquered same as for car, very smooth and handsome.
*** The length of scope is 185mm (7"), very compact and ideal for hiking.
*** Optical function is perfect and strict, bright and well-resolved image. These offer a sharp image of impact points at various distances, are also especially useful for detailed recognition and analysis of distant objects.
*** Additionally with a handy oxford bag, easy to hand-hold.
*** With a tripod, steady view.
*** Able to focus down to 6 metres or less, and effective to 50 metres for Free Pistol, Smallbore rifle, etc.
*** Ideal for 10m airgun competitors, as it focuses down to well under 10 metres. Typical field of view£¨(@ 50m) 1.75m£İcovers almost an entire air pistol target (1 ring), or 6 ring if wearing glasses.
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